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PPF San Carlos

PPF San Carlos offers the highest quality Paint Protection Film / PPF / Protective Coating / Clear Bra installations in the Bay Area.

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PPF San Carlos

PPPF San Carlos

PPF San Carlos is an authorized Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer that provides ceramic coatings and PPF designed for automotive, marine, aviation and industrial applications. Our technicians have years of experience in applying paint protection film Bay Area, and will take all necessary precautions to ensure a perfect installation every time.

As a certified Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer, we carry exclusive products such as Ceramic Pro ION and our exclusive Ultimate Armor package. We also carry all the ceramic coating line from Ceramic Pro, PPF and Window Tint for the best protection on your car, boat, recreational vehicle or plane.
The Best Paint Protection Film in The Bay Area.

PPF Bay Area – Paint Protection Film

PPF San Carlos - Paint Protection Film Specialists

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) also known as “Clear Bra” is a thin yet durable 8 mil clear film that can be applied to various parts of your vehicle’s exterior body work in order to provide protection against rock chips, road debris, and harsh sunlight.

Not only does PPF protect your vehicle but it also maintains a brilliant shine and an invisible finish that is backed by the manufacturer’s 12-year warranty. With various vehicle coverage packages available, there is always a protection option for your needs. 

KAVACA PPF is a true ceramic-infused paint protection film on the market and it arrives from the factory pre-coated with Ceramic Pro’s proprietary  PPF & Vinyl formula. This allows you to have all the benefits of self-healing paint protection film with the added hydrophobic and self-cleaning action of a Ceramic Pro ceramic coating.

Protect Your Car From Rock Chips, Scratches & Stains, Road Grime, Chemical Staining & Etching, Fading & Oxidation.

Paint Protection Film San Carlos.

PPF Bay Area - Paint Protection Film


Instant-Healing PPF

KAVACA Self Healing Paint Protection Film will heal minor scratches in the sun


Matte Finish PPF

KAVACA Matte Finish PPF gives you the ability to transform your gloss paint job to a deep, rich, matte finish.


Ceramic Coated PPF

KAVACA Ceramic Coated PPF gives your vehicle the ultimate protection package with ceramic-infused film.

PPF San Carlos
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PPF San Carlos
Clear Bra San Carlos
Paint Protection San Carlos - Best PPF Installer Bay Area

PPF Bay Area – Paint Protection Film Specialists

Introducing the Ultimate Armor Package

The Ceramic Pro Ultimate Armor Package represents the pinnacle of automotive surface protection. It’s a revolutionary full exterior protection package that includes the blend of KAVACA Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro’s new ION Ceramic Coatings.

The Paint Protection Film is a full-front installation that protects the high-strike areas of a car, truck, or SUV. This helps to protect the front of your vehicle from rock chips, road debris scratches, environmental toxins, and exposure to the elements. The remainder of the vehicle’s exterior is coated with Ceramic Pro nanotechnology coatings.

Ultimate Armor is the ONLY full vehicle appearance package backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY – documented on your vehicle’s Carfax Appearance Protection Service Reporting tool. It provides protection against rock chips, scratches, road debris, oxidation, staining, and fading.

Ceramic Pro ION is exclusively available at Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers.

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Paint Protection Film Cost
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